Mobile Marketing

How Can Mobile Marketing Help Your Business?

Imagine Being Able to Pack Your Business With Paying Customers Anytime You Want…

Whether you own or manage a hair salon, restaurant or nightclub, you know there are two basic ways to increase your sales:

1. Sell More to your Current Customers or 2. Find New Customers.

Our mobile marketing solutions address both of these scenarios.

Sell More to your Current Customers Using Text Messaging

Let’s use a restaurant as an example. Imagine that the waitress walks up to a table where 4 people are looking at a menu and she says, “Before I take your order, I wanted to let you know that we have a Preferred Customer Program where you just text VIP to such-and-such number. You will immediately get a text back saying, ‘Show this text to your server to get a free appetizer or free dessert within the next 48 hours’.” She continues, saying, “So I’m not sure if you’re interested or not, but I thought I should let you know. And by the way, you will receive maybe 3 or 4 texts a month from us and you can stop at any time by replying stop to any text from us.”

Guess what happens?

Everybody joins your program! And the next Friday afternoon when they’re sitting around with friends trying to decide where to go for dinner, they’ll remember your text earlier that week saying that wings are on special or you have half-price entrees or any other enticing offer. They’ll come in for dinner and bring their friends.

Any time you are having a slow day, or you feel like rewarding your loyal customers, we send them a text and you fill your restaurant. We believe in this so much that we’ll actually do it for free to show you how it works. You don’t pay a cent until you can see that it really works for you. Call us today for more information.

Find New Customers

When your potential customer is out and about in her car, standing in line, waiting at the soccer field, getting her hair done, waiting for a friend, or sitting on a bus… she’s on her smart phone. If she searches for a business like yours on Google, is your website going to come up? If it does come up, can she see it? Sadly, most websites are not properly optimized for smart phones.

We can create a mobile website for you fast and at the right price. Remember in the late 90′s when people charged $10,000 for a website? (Some of them still do!) Well, let’s face it, websites do not need to cost that much. Especially mobile websites because they are pretty simple.

Mobile websites need to be clean, simple and easy to use. Ask yourself, What does your customer really need to know when they are searching on their smart phone? Your mobile site needs to include:

  • Click-to-Call button that automatically dials your number on their phone when they click on it
  • A Google map with GPS so they can get instant directions to your business from where they are right now
  • Your Menu (if desired)
  • Your customer testimonials
  • Other information your potential customer needs to know to convert them into a customer
Works Across All Mobile Phones
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